The IDEOGEN Group’s (IDEOGEN) Code of Conduct and Ethics is essential to how we conduct ourselves, both as a pharmaceutical company and individually, as employees.

IDEOGEN is dedicated to conducting its activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of its employees as well as the environment. Furthermore, IDEOGEN does not accept any form of workplace discrimination or harassment.

  1. Values

    IDEOGEN’s Code of Conduct and Ethics is based on three core ethical values:

    • Integrity: IDEOGEN conducts its activities in an honest, respectful, fair and reliable manner. IDEOGEN respects human dignity, indent privacy and the personal rights of every individual.
    • Transparency: IDEOGEN conducts its activities in a transparent manner.
    • Accountable leadership: At IDEOGEN, all employees who are in a senior function lead by example, uphold, together with their teams, IDEOGEN’s core ethical values, and are accountable for their teams’ compliance with the law.

  2. Regulatory and Medical Compliance

    Thousands of people rely on medication each year, from patients to healthcare providers such as nurses, doctors, hospitals and drug stores, and each puts their trust in the IDEOGEN brand to deliver to them safe and appropriate medicine. IDEOGEN knows this trust does not come lightly; it was earned – and continues to be earned – based on the strength of medical research and case studies.
    The number one priority at IDEOGEN is the continued effort to provide new medical products, focusing on orphan drugs, hepatology and oncology.
    IDEOGEN’s dedication to safety is reflected across the company. From packaging design to maintenance, training and support, IDEOGEN is committed to exceeding pharma safety standards and supporting the healing mission of its medical products portfolio.

  3. Regulatory compliance

    Medical product certifications are provided by the Swissmedic authorities and organized through our regulatory office.
    IDEOGEN is audited by the Swiss healthcare authorities to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements.

  4. Safety by commitment, awareness and sharing

    Commitment to safety starts at the top management levels of the company and is cascaded to the lower levels. Any safety issue or enhancement that can bring a positive impact on safety is discussed at the appropriate level in order to ensure that proper actions are taken to manage each safety topic.
    Each employee is aware of the potential impact on product safety that his/her actions and omissions might have and knows how their personal actions can improve safety.
    IDEOGEN’s employees do the utmost to ensure potential safety issues are reported and lessons learned are shared with relevant stakeholders, in accordance with their duties and within appropriate frameworks.
    All safety topics are discussed at their appropriate level, which includes IDEOGEN’s senior executives. By acting together, the company ensures that the full power of coordinated cross-company action can be brought to bear on any issue where safety can further be enhanced.

  5. Anti-Corruption

    At IDEOGEN, we ensure that all our employees have an awareness of and comply with the applicable laws and regulations relating to any form of corruption. We also condemn facilitation payments.

  6. Prevention of Money Laundering

    We verify the identity of the counterparties we deal with and preserve records accordingly. Qualified IDEOGEN’s personnel are responsible for IDEOGEN’s anti-money laundering controls and for monitoring and reporting potential unlawful transactions.

  7. Conflicts of Interest

    At IDEOGEN, we ensure that all our employees cautiously accomplish their duties while avoiding possible, apparent or actual conflicts of interest in order to defend IDEOGEN’s legitimate interests.

  8. Inquiries and Investigation by Authorities

    DEOGEN cooperates with regulatory and governmental authorities in the due performance of its duties. Accordingly, any request of regulatory or governmental authorities is promptly raised to IDEOGEN’s adequate personnel who will in turn provide comprehensive responses to any regulatory or legal inquiry received and handle any governmental investigation.

  9. Economic Sanctions

    IDEOGEN’s employees comply with applicable laws and regulations on economic sanctions.

  10. Raising Concerns

    IDEOGEN’s employees may raise any concern that a particular course of action might breach the law or any suspicion that a breach of the law may be or is about to occur to their managers or supervisors.
    No IDEOGEN’s employee shall suffer any penalty or disciplinary action whatsoever for having reported a suspected breach of the law.

  11. Entering into Force

    This Code of Ethics was approved by the Board of Directors of IDEOGEN on 26th November 2020 and entered into force on the 1st of January 2021.